Immersive Igloo

A Pop-Up 3D Sound Experience

Man with Dog with Igloo.jpg


As a musician with over 12 years of engineering experience,  Tom Montagliano combines his experimental and whimsical writing style along with his passion for developing software to create ambient, psychedelic soundscapes for multiple speaker arrays.  Utilizing his degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology, he has developed software to control the movement of sound and light and provide people with a meticulously crafted auditory and visual experience, while simultaneously affecting the senses and the soul. 


The experiences he creates are most effectively absorbed in the context of his Immersive Sound Baths which incite introspection and the exploration of both inner and outer space. His mobile 8 speaker setup has enabled him to create unique and intimate experiences in a wide variety of venues including rooftops, opera houses, living rooms, national monuments, backyards, yoga studios, beaches, dance clubs, book stores and pyramids. Tom has also performed at many spaces across the country including The American Museum of Natural History, The Rubin Museum of Art, Burning Man, Cincy Fringe, BOOM Charlotte, Gratitude Migration, Freeform Art Festival, Elements, Rochester Fringe Festival and Catharsis on the Washington Mall. 


He has recently expanded his mobile setup with the introduction of the Immersive Igloo. The Immersive Igloo is a 40 foot illuminated, inflatable structure that creates the isolation and environment needed to easily escape to the heavenly soundscapes he has carefully constructed. Within this extraordinary sanctuary, Tom offers a diverse variety of innovative art including Immersive Sound Baths, live sound journeys and interactive sound installations.