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Rubin Museum: Sound Meditation w/ David Ellenbogen and Josh Peck

  • Rubin Museum 150 West 17th Street New York, NY, 10011 United States (map)

Acoustic Mandala Project returns to the Rubin Museum of Art with an immersive sound meditation experience. Traditional sound meditation instruments will be used in concert with a bespoke eight-channel spatial sound system, exploring acoustic and electro-acoustic layers and textures of sound and their properties in space.

OM or Aum is the primal vibration from which all other vibrations are believed to emerge, including all light, sound, and physical matter.In the field of acoustics, vibrations of vibrations are called overtones, and these resonances are based on simple natural ratios. For example, doubling a sound wave’s frequency creates a note one octave higher. This tuning system has fallen out of favor in western music since the 17th century’s advent of Equal Temperament, which uses scales that don’t conform to the natural overtones of nature.

Acoustic Mandala Project creates soundscapes based on these original primal vibrations, which can facilitate a transformative and healing experience. In the context of a sound meditation, participants lie down on yoga mats and don eye masks, while the facilitators utilize gongs, Tibetan bowls, bamboo flutes, overtone singing, and other instruments to create an immersive sound experience.

Tickets: $30.00

Member Tickets: $27.00

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