Immersive Igloo

A Pop-Up 3D Sound Experience

Brooklyn, NY: MediClub 2/14/18

Queens, NY: Flying Circus at the Knockdown Center 11/18/17

Washington DC: Catharsis on the Mall 11/11/17

Baltimore, MD: Mushroom Arts Festival 10/21/17

Rochester, NY: Rochester Fringe Festival 9/14/17-9/23/17

Summer Tour 2017

Keansburg, NJ: Gratitude Migration 7/14/17-7/16/17

Port Leydon, NY: Liberty Gathering 7/1/17

Long Island, NY: Sonic Jungle 6/24/17 (w/ Josh Peck)

Lakewood, PA: Elements Music and Arts Festival 5/26/17 - 5/28/17

Manhattan, NY: Rubin Museum of Art (w/ Josh Peck, Eliza Philott and David Ellenbogen) 5/12/17

Brooklyn, NY: MediClub 5/3/17

Manhattan, NY: Peace Accelerators FeedWalk 4/16/17

Brooklyn, NY: Brooklyn Expo Center 3/15/17

Manhattan, NY: WOOM Center 11/4/16; 2/8/17; 2/24/17

Washington DC: Catharsis 11/11/16 - 11/13/16

Yonkers, NY: You Are So Lucky Halloween Installation

Baltimore, MD: Mushroom Festival 2016 10/22/16

Manhattan, NY: Ecstatic Dance 10/12/16

Summer Tour 2016

Brooklyn, NY: Silent Barn 7/23/16

Keansburg, NJ: Gratitude Migration 7/15/16-7/17/16


Port Leyden, NY: Liberty Gathering 7/3/16

Brooklyn, NY: House of Yes 4/16/16 "Sound Healing Room"

Brooklyn, NY: Immersive Gallery 4/8/16

Brooklyn, NY: Daya Yoga Studio 1/29/16

Brooklyn, NY: The House of Yes, "Octaphonic Sonic Sauna" Installation for Devotion1/22/16

Brooklyn, NY: Installation and Performance Art Piece at Fort Briscoe 12/4/15 and 12/5/15

Rochester, NY: South Wedge Mission 10/17/15

Brooklyn, NY: Bed-Stuy Rooftop 10/10/15

Rochester, NY: Dance Performance of "Aquatexture" at the Yards on 3/30/13