Immersive Igloo

A Pop-Up 3D Sound Experience

There are 3 different ways in which a 3D sound experience can be deployed:

  1.  The Immersive Igloo

  2.  An Immersive Sound Bath

  3.  an Immersive Sound Installation

Each variation can be adapted to suit the event by modifying the setup, number of seats and length of experience. Below are some descriptions and photos of each individual setup.

1. The Immersive Igloo :

  • Type of Events: Music Festivals and Fringe Festivals
  • Duration: 45-55 minutes
  • Audience Size per Experience: 40-75
  • Minimum size of Space: 50' x 50'

2. An Immersive Sound Bath :

  • Type of Events: Sound Baths at Yoga Studios
  • Duration: 45-55 minutes
  • Audience Size per Experience: 25-30
  • Minimum size of Space: 30' x 30'


3. An Immersive Sound Installation:

  • Type of Events: Festivals or Art Shows
  • Experiences are run throughout the duration of the event and people come and go as they please
  • Audience Size: 25-40
  • Minimum size of Space: 20' x 20'